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Amazing Week in September

Hello All!
We hope that you are all having a wonderful scouting season wherever you are. It is an amazing time here at Autism and Scouting. This will be a power week here at Autism and Scouting on the Radio, we really have some great content and some as well as some amazing scout leaders.

In today’s blog we are going to give you a look at what is coming up on Autism and Scouting Radio shows for this coming week. Also, we wanted to give a preview of some of the upcoming blogs that are being planned.

First the Upcoming Radio Shows:

This is really going to be wonderful week of shows full of lots of content.

On Tuesday, September 18th at 10:00am PST,  I will be joined with Karen Krejcha and we will be giving tips on how to work with your scouts when they are trying to fundraise. Most units depend on fundraising either by selling cookies, popcorn, holiday wreaths, coupon books, candy bars or a variety of items. There are many issues that arise, both sensory and non-sensory when scouts who are on the Autism Spectrum are asked to take part in support of their unit by fundraising. 

On Wednesday, the 19th at 12 Noon PST, I will be joined by Karen Mansfield of Troop 5280 in Denver, Colorado. Karen is the founder and was the Troopmaster for the first five years of a very unique Troop that is designated as Special Needs. Troop 5280 helps prepare scouts to make the transition from Cub Scouts to a traditional Boy Scout Troop. It also welcomes new scouts coming into scouting and prepares them for what lays ahead. This is a very unique and inspirational Troop. They recently had one of their first scouts in the program earn the rank of Eagle. 

Karen has an amazing run in scouting and well over a decade in scouting. She founded Cub Scout Pack 793 in 2000 and as well as Troop 5280 in 2007. She has held a wide range of positions both on the local, district, council and National Level. Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, National Jamboree disAbilities Awareness Challenge Staff just to name a few. She has a passion for working with those with disabilities and special needs and has been a major asset in this area. 

Her awards are just as vast as all of the different hats she has worn. Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit, Silver Acorn, OA, Woodbadge and well as a host of other scouter awards. 

On Friday, the 21st at 1pm PST, Autism and Scouting Radio has a first. It is our first radio panel discussion. We will be joined on air by three members of Boy Scout Troop 2. This Troop has been around a long time and serves a great number of scouts in the show me state of Missouri.  Boy Scout Troop 2 has a long history of helping scouts with different disabilities and look forward to hearing about what they did to develop a successful and supportive program.
Teddy Heaton is the Scoutmaster for Special Needs Troop 2, he has has over 23 years of scouting under his belt, he is an Eagle scout and has earned a number of scouting awards, he loves working with all of the scouts and is an amazing leader.  He has two nephews with Fragile X Syndrome. He is in the process of starting a Special Needs Cub Scout Pack and hopes to have it up and running by next Spring. Teddy is a Financial Adviser for Wells Fargo.
Scott Pope is the Committee Chair for Special Needs Troop 2, he has over 10 years of scouting and in addition to being Committee Chair, he is also Trainer, and ISAP (Individual Scout Achievement Plan) Processor. Scott too holds a number of scouter awards for all of this long hours and dedicated service.  He works as a paralegal/office manager of a law office in Springfield. Scott is an accomplished musician and plays with several local groups. From what I hear as well, he likes to take the music out camping with him as well. 
Cindy Pope is currently the Advancement Chair and has been in scouting for a number of years, won many awards and have been involved with a large amount of training. Cindy is an strong supporter of those with special needs and loves giving one on one support to the scouts in her unit. She is an inspiration to those around her and is a important part of what makes the unit run.

If you would like to call in during the live show and ask a question you can do so by calling (347) 855-8132.

If you miss the initial broadcast, it will still be available on demand at the link below. We have expanded the Autism and Scouting page where we list all our broadcasts future and past.

Here are direct links to both stations of Autism Empowerment:

Or you can find both stations on iTunes as well. Search for “Autism and Scouting” or “Autism Empowerment” in order to find us. Subscribe for Free and have access to downloading all of our broadcasts for free as well.

One of the neat things about Autism and Scouting Radio is we bring you unique shows and attempt to showcase units around the nation. We hope to showcase units worldwide as well.

Upcoming Blogs

Time permitting, we are looking forward to getting back on track as far as blogging goes. In addition to this blog, we will be doing a blog about fundraising and this will be posted after the radio show. We will also be posting our August Review. We typically try to do a monthly review blog after the end of each month, however we are running a bit behind. We look forward to providing lots of additional content in the future.  

If you are interested in guest blogging for Autism and Scouting and/or have a story you’d like to share with our readers in print or on air, please contact

So we are still very active for the month of September and the rest of the year looks bright.

Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your support and enjoy supporting you!
Accept, Enrich, Inspire, Empower!

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