Monday, November 5, 2012

Radio Shows for First week of November 2012

Welcome back to the Autism and Scouting Blog.

It is one day past the Cascade Pacific Council’s Program and Training Conference in Beaverton, OR  and I am still on a natural high from the amazing day of training where Autism Empowerment for the second year was able to do training for our local council which includes districts in both WA and OR.

We will be doing a blog and radio show talking about the Conference but today we are going to give a review of the upcoming radio shows for this week. It will be an amazing week at Autism and Scouting Radio.

We have four shows on tap for this coming week and you will want to tune into them. 

Accept - Enrich - Inspire - Empower - On Tuesday, November 6th (Election Day here in US) Karen Krejcha, the Executive Director of Autism Empowerment and I will be on the air talking about the amazing things that happened during the Autism Training and exhibition that Autism Empowerment provided during the Cascade Pacific Council’s Program and Training Conference. We will be airing that show at 9:30 am PST (12:30 pm EST), we will be also be posting a blog about the Conference as well. It was an amazing day.

On a side note, we’re happy to say that units are asking to borrow our training slides (you are more than welcome to do so). Training will be presented this coming week at the Training Academy Three Fires Council at East Aurora HS in Aurora, IL.   

Accept - Enrich - Inspire - Empower - On Wednesday, November 9th I will be joined with Tony Mei, the BSA National Chair for Special Needs at 10:00 am PST (1:00 pm EST). Tony will be coming back on to promote the 2013 National Jamboree and the disAbilities Awareness Challenge. This year for the first time, the DAC will be offering a section that has a station for Autism Awareness. Tony is an amazing scouter and we look forward to having him on yet again.

Inspire  - On Thursday, November 10th we will have our next show in our Inspiration from the Spectrum series. We will be having Girl Scout Cadette Mary Grace from the great state of Texas talking Girl Scouting and why she loves scouting and some of her special interests. Mary Grace has Aspergers and will be joined on air with her mom.

Inspire -  On Friday, November 11th we will be staying with the Inspire theme. This will be a slight deviation from the Inspiration from the Spectrum series but is closely related. We will be joined by Webelo Scout Teddy and his mom. Teddy is not on the Autism Spectrum but has a sister who is in Girl Scouts that has Asperger’s and a older brother who is in Boy Scouts that has Asperger’s as well. We will be getting a sibling’s point of view and will talk to Teddy about all of the great reasons why he loves scouting as well.

If you have a story to tell, have a scout that would love to just have fun and talk about whatever they would like, please contact me at or on facebook at

Accept - The scout for who they are and if they are not ready for advancement that is okay. Scouting is not all about advancement. It is about learning life skills, gaining life experience and having fun along the way.

Enrich - The scout may be challenged to step outside of their comfort zone and expand their world.

Inspire - Make sure to inspire the scout with positive encouragement. A kind tone and positive words go a long way to increasing self-confidence. You will likely find yourself inspired by the scout as well.

Empower - By giving the scout the tools in advance to be successful, you are giving them the tools to do their best and to be empowered.

I also wanted to share our new Autism and Scouting graphic which incorporates the colors of Autism Empowerment’s four foundational pillars. Thank you so much to Danny Ayers for volunteering to help us out!

We would love to hear your feedback!

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