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Hello All and we are now about two days before Christmas 2012.

Autism Empowerment has put out a few things about the recent shoots on Friday, December 14th at Newtown, CT.  Each and every life that was lost that day was a tragic and each family should be prayed for.
For me personally, along with many within the scouting world was the loss of two Tiger Scouts and eight Daisy scouts. In addition to the 10 scouts that were lost that day, two other children (one boy and one girl) who were on the Autism Spectrum were killed.

To me, having a Tiger Cub (being his Den Leader) who is on the Autism Spectrum, these 12 kids I have a connection with and for me I bit of me is also lost.

Michelle Carter, had sent this to me at Autism and Scouting and I re-posted it and it also made a connection to many. I asked Michelle if I could re-post it on the blog and she agreed. Thank you Michelle.

This was from Michelle Carter - 

(in remembrance of the lives lost on December 14, 2012)

‘Twas the night of cub scouting
And as we return home,
I tuck my scout into bed
my head fills with this poem.
I’m so proud of his accomplishments,
Every badge, gleams with pride.
A true scout he is,
Even, deep down inside.
But tonight my heart’s sad,
For this week you see,
To many young lives were taken,
Robbed of what they may be.
At the hands of another,
Small children are gone,
How can anyone look at innocence
And do something so wrong?
8 daisy sashes retired that day,
2 tiger cubs laid to rest,
My heart goes out to all of these families,
Scouts or not, their children now rest.
Even the teacher,
who died, so that her students could live,
was a venture scout
when she was a kid.
She had no idea at work that day,
That she would be a hero,
Or have her life taken away.
She died protecting children,
So that they may live,
To achieve their goals and dreams.
She didn’t do it to be a hero,
She didn’t care what people would say,
She did it because she had love in her heart,
Until her very last of days.
I know that there are heroes in scouts,
I have seen it first hand,
When they rescued my son,
Who was buried in the sand.
Scouts have huge hearts,
Whether Eagle, Tiger, or Girl,
It makes me wonder what it was
That we were robbed of in this world!
What were their goals?
What did they dream to be?
Maybe a doctor, a president,
Maybe a soldier in the army.
These could have been tomorrow’s leaders,
Now they’ll never have the chance.
They left us far too young,
through terrible circumstance.

Will we ever forget them?
No way, and no how!
A piece of them will stay with us
Forever, starting now.
So when you’re helping your scout
Get ready for a meet,
Take a moment of silence,
For those empty scout seats.
There are parents out there who,
It pains me to say,
Will not be straightening a neckerchief or sash
For the meeting today.
Every time you recite your oath or your law,
Remember those scouts
That were taken far to small!

Accept, Enrich, Inspire, Empower!

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