Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tweet for Autism Empowerment

Monday, January 7th, 2013
TWEET STORM! Help raise money for Autism Empowerment by Tweeting and Retweeting the following: 
RT & @WeCare will donate $.10 to @AutismEmpowermt | Up to #MillionDimes
1) You must follow @WeCare at Twitter. -
2) You must follow @AutismEmpowermt at Twitter (Autism Empowerment is abbreviated at Twitter due to character limitations.) -
3) You may tweet / retweet up to 5 times a day. (You can tweet more, but only the first 5 tweets per username count.)
4) PLEASE ask your friends to retweet as each charity is allowed to earn up to $1,000 or until 1 Million Dimes have been given away.
5) Cut and paste this link to tweet: 
RT & @WeCare will donate $.10 to @AutismEmpowermt | Up to #MillionDimes
On January 7th at 12PM PST, will launch the Charity Challenge to give away $100,000.00 to registered nonprofit organizations, ten cents at a time. They are leaving it up to the Twitterverse to decide which charities receive all the Charity Challenge donations. 

Autism Empowerment is officially registered. On January 7th starting at NOON PST, this is when YOU come into play. Twitter users let know where they would like to see the Charity Challenge donations go by voting for their charity on Twitter. Every qualifying tweet counts as one vote and earns your charity $.10, up to a $1,000 per charity!
Speed is key! The faster the tweets come in, the faster our charity earns the individual cap of $1,000 (10,000 valid tweets). Charities with slow tweets may not be able to reach their cap before the million dimes have been distributed, so make sure to get as many tweets sent as quickly as possible!
THANK YOU! has proven that pennies, dimes, and dollars add up by generating and donating over $4,600,000 to charity using our cause marketing platform. Help us prove it again by giving away $100,000 to your favorite charities, one dime at a time!

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